I Like Locks

Picture of a lock

I have always been fascinated with locks and for some reason I like to take pictures of them. Maybe it's the shape or the way light wraps around them.

Maybe it's because you find locks in strange places or that have no apparent use.

Sometimes I even find a lot of locks together. For whatever reason, I just can't seem to get my mind off of locks. I find them everywhere...

Locks have been around as long as civilization. The ancient Egyptians used locks not that different from the designs we have today. So, there is something about we humans and locks that appears to be universal. Locks tell you a lot about human nature.

Sometimes locks are used to protect us. We lock up medicine and other dangerous things so that innocent children don't get hurt. We also use locks to prevent us from accidentaly going into places where we shouldn't be. But most of the time we use locks because we just don't trust each other.

You may have never thought of this, but there can never be a perfect lock. A lock is a device that is supposed to prevent you from opening something. However, a lock that couldn't be opened would be useless! There is no lock that can't be picked for the simple reason that the lock is designed to be opened as long as the mechanism is manipulated in just the right way. Of course, the best way to open a lock is with the proper key.

There are other kinds of locks besides mechanical ones. The most common locks of all are the ones in our mind. These mind-locks keep us from seeing things as they really are. Just remember, though, that there is no lock that can't be opened. All you have to do is find the right key.

I like locks, but I like keys even better.

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