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This page has links to the music I have written (most of it anyway). I am a "classically trained composer" with a B.M in Theory and Composition from Oklahoma Baptist University and a M.M in Music Composition from the University of North Texas. At OBU I studied with Nancy Hill Cobb. At North Texas I studied with Merill Ellis and Larry Austin, and Dr. Martin Mailman.

The compositions with links on them can be downloaded and played with any MP3 compatible player. Right click on the links and select Save Target As... (or whatever the appropriate function is in your browser) or just click on the link to download/play.

In 2007/8 I created my own software sythesis system and published a book describing the process. My compositions have been created with BasicSynth since that time. For traditional score notation, I sometimes use MuseScore, and sometimes LilyPond. The "Score" links download the PDF files.

For multimedia works see Multi-media Works

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Composition Date Length Notes Play
Verse 2
2017 4:44

In celebration of my second anniversary.

Tune for Father's Day 2017
2017 0:41

Tune for Father's day, 2017.

An arc in the road
2017 7:32

Light shines through an arc in the road.

The journey we are on in life is not a straight line, and we speak of bends and curves in the road ahead. But we travel on a multi-dimensional space and changes sometimes follow the arrow’s arc, not time’s arrow alone.

This composition opens with a canon in three parts with a repeated, cyclic accompaniment. A contrasting developmental section provides a respite. The ending returns to the opening themes, reversed in order and heard in octaves.

Scattered Changes Matter
2017 9:11

Scattered changes in timbre and texture.

A composition using “minimalist” technique to create a hypnotic listening experience. The “matter” involves slowly changing the density of part, the rhythmic speed of another part, the timbre of yet another part. The slow changes in density, speed and timbre are scattered throughout the aural space.

A Chance Of Flurries
A Chance Of (Electronic) Flurries
2016 5:30

Music for Christmas 2016.

The first version uses sampled orchestra instruments; the "Electronic" version uses the BasicSynth synthesizer.


Rainbow (instrumental)
2016 4:37

Sunlight strikes a raindrop.

Several arrpeggios accompany a tune.

Dance On A Sparkling Moonbeam
Dance On An Electronic Moonbeam
2016 4:06

A "cyclic" piece with repititous tunes. Several tunes are combined in layers.

Two versions of this one: the "Sparkling" version uses sampled orchestra instruments; the "Electronic" version uses the BasicSynth synthesizer.

Jitter Creep
2016 4:03


  1. n. feelings of extreme nervousness, anxiety, restlessness or agitation.
  2. n. slight irregular movement, variation, or unsteadiness, especially in an electrical signal or electronic device.


  1. v. move slowly and carefully, especially in order to avoid being heard or noticed.
  2. v. occur or develop gradually and almost imperceptibly.
  3. n. slow movement, especially at a steady but almost imperceptible pace.
  4. n. (informal) a detestable person.

2016 7:28 Subconscious distractions of events that otherwise we think are important.

I created a new subtractive synthesis instrument for the BasicSynth synthesizer and then wrote this piece with sounds produced by various patches for that instrument.

Father's Tune
2016 2:32 A tune I wrote for my father for father's day 2016.
Happy Birthday
2016 0:32 Happpy Birthday Jeri, May 2016.
Happy, Happy, 
Happy Birthday to you.
   (Feel free to sing
    And dance in 
    Your Birthday suit
    As you eat cake and ice cream.)
May your wishes
And dreams come true,
Happy, Happy, 
Happy Birthday to you.

Plead For Persuasion
2016 7:21 When we need understanding from others, we plead for persuasion. We need them to persuade us as to why they think that way.

This piece is plaintive, with a main theme layered, and varied, into a bigger texture. The pounding, emphatic, accompanying figures contrast the plaintive melody.

Sticks N Stuck
2016 6:53 ...because it sticks in my mind.

Sticks N Stuck is a "happy tune" that got stuck in my mind. It is bouncy, lively, repetitious, and joyful. The sounds remind me of someone playing at tapping rhythms with sticks.

The piece has an A-B-A structure, with the "sticks" taken over by a "serious" middle section, but returning at the end.

See Sawing
2016 5:28 See Sawing is from the idea of something going back-and-forth, like a see saw. The effect is created by panning the different sounds at different rates. It can also be considered a pun about "seeing" and what we "saw."

Musically the piece has a meditative, calming style, repetitious in structure, slowly evolving texturally.

Music For A Wedding
2015 7:58 Written for my wedding to Jeri ("Nanny") on October 17, 2015.
2011 3:24 Grace... Synthetic flute and bells.

Charism is "an extraordinary power (as of healing) given a Christian by the Holy Spirit for the good of the church." (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In general, charism means grace. More specifically, the term is applied to the spiritual orientation of a religious order of the Catholic church, for example, a teaching order.

The piece was composed using a melody that repeats in different contexts. A synthetic flute is used for the melody, accompanied by marimba-like, organ-like, and bell-like synthesized sounds.

2009 4:11 Multiple echo units used to create a dynamic texture.

Bounce was conceived as I worked on the echo effect for the BasicSynth synthesizer. When the echo time is set long enough, and the panning is synchronized with the echo, the sound of each note seems to bounce.

In terms of musical form, Bounce is a compressed "rondo" with short phrases alternating and repeating throughout the piece. Several layers of sound are built up, often like a canon with delayed echo of the phrases. The exposition of all the themes is followed by an elongation and a thinning of the texture. A recapitulation of the opening closes the piece.

2007 5:19 Ambient. Windy.

Whirledwind was inspired by a satellite image of hurricane Katrina as it made landfall on the coast of Louisiana, USA. The storm was massive, and was one of the most destructive storms of recent years.

The musical style is "minimalist" or "pattern music" due to the repetitious and slowly changing musical phrases. The drum sounds are recorded individual sounds, while everything else is synthesized.


(BasicSynth Version)

2006 10:16 This piece began as music for the video Pulse. I later extended and revised the music into a stand-alone work. The piece is constructed as a contrasting A-B-A' structure. The opening section is a melodic, tonal composition with arpeggiated accompaniment, punctuated by the "pulse", that fades into a point of repose. The middle section, which also functions as a development of the theme, switches to a dissonant, pulsating double "canon" that is blended with fragments of the main theme and arppegiated figures. The recapitualtion varies from the exposition by continuing to build in texture to the end. Produced with CSound and Notelist.

The second version uses BasicSynth.

Pretty Flowers
(BasicSynth version)
2005 3:23 Music for the video "Pretty Flowers". The music is very basic 12-bar blues, a light, somewhat tounge-in-cheek composition to match the images of wildflowers. Produced with CSound and Notelist. The second version was created using BasicSynth.
A Resting Place
(BasicSynth version)
2005 6:00 Music for the video "A Resting Place". The music mirrors the concept of the visuals - a stuggle to find a place of rest within the busy-ness of life. The melodic material is taken from the hymn My Faith Has Found a Resting Place. Produced with CSound and Notelist.
Sunflower Serenade
(BasicSynth version)
(Instrumental version)
2005 2:18 Music for the video "Sunflower Serenade". It's not really a serenade in form, but a short sonta in 5/8 time. Produced with CSound and Notelist. A second version was created using BasicSynth. The "instrumental" arrangement uses sampled instruments.

Ecstacy In Yellow
(BasicSynth Version) (Orchestra Version)
2005 2:20 Music for the video Ecstacy in Yellow. Produced with CSound and Notelist. The Orchestra Version uses sampled strings.
Where Audelia Runs Out
(Revised 2006) (BasicSynth version)
1989 23:36 Yamaha DX7, Kawai, and Yamaha FB01 synthesizers controlled by a PC over MIDI.

The 2006 Revision is the same piece, note for note, but using CSound as the synthesizer. I was never happy with the sound quality of the original. Much of the development section in the original is muddy and the counterpoint does not come through clearly. The revised version is much closer to the way the piece was envisioned.

The third version uses BasicSyn th Composer. Note this is cleaner than other versions, which is why I wrote BasicSynth in the first place.

Minimally NOT in C
1984 12:50 Yamaha DX7 controlled by a PC over MIDI. Minimilist style. The whole score fits on one page.

...on the threshold of identity

Sythesizer Only

1984 10:42 For Synclavier II digital synthesizer and percussion. Another computer composition. The percussion instruments for this piece consisted of "found objects" such as wooden sticks, pots and pans, and a cardboard box bass drum. The percussion parts were performed by my fellow composition students.
1984 6:02 For Synclavier II digital synthesizer. Another computer composition. I generated the "theme" with a computer program and then cut and pasted it into a piece using inversion, retrograde, etc.
White Dawn Streams

(Synthesizer Parts)

1983 10:45 For symphony orchestra, with Synclavier II digital synthesizer.

This is my Master's thesis. It was selected as the winning composition for the annual student composition contest and performed by the school orcestra.

The "Synthesizer Parts" link will download a ZIP archive of the Synclavier II parts. recorded in WAV format, 44.1k sampling rate, 16-bit PCM. 2 channel.

1983? 1:00 I found this in a box of stuff. I think it was written for guitar, probably me playing around one afternoon. For GIT-BELL, I used bell sounds instead of guitar.
1983 8:14 For Synclavier II digital synthesizer. Another computer composition. Sounds like an organist on speed.
1982 14:27 For Synclavier II digital synthesizer.

The idea for this piece came one afternoon as I sat on the doorstep to my apartment listening to the rain, the dripping faucet and the moaning sound the plumbing tended to make.

The drone sounds were written "by hand" while the drips and drops were created using a computer program.

Ballet 1982 8:40 A collage of fragments from several ballet. Each fragment was selected by a computer program. I patched them together into a note file for the Synclavier II digital synthesizer.
1981 14:12 String trio in four movements. The movements each represent a photograph taken by my friend David Alexander.
  1. Becky on the Sofa
  2. Los Guerrillas Urbanos
  3. Sandra at the Grubsteak
  4. What is that dang deal?
1981 13:55 For trombone and tape (synthesizer). Uses a quote from a Chopin Nocturne as the main theme. (The crying baby is not part of the piece.)
1980 7:28 Woodwind quintet and percussion. Won second place in the TMEA student composition contest.
1980 7:44 My second synthesizer composition. Moog studio synthesizer. Better than the first, but still got a long way to go...
Dance of the Plasmobes
1980 4:35 A tape piece (musiqe concrete) using some steel mixing bowls I got from the kitchen.
1980 8:50 For clarinet and percussion.
Grief, The Lean Predator 1980 6:38 For trumpet and piano.
Ec-1-80 1980 8:04 My first synthesizer composition. Moog studio synthesizer.
Piano Sonata I II III 1979 3:45 - 3:05 - 3:03 Piano Sonata in three movements, from my senior recital, 1979. Performed with Notelist synthesizer.
Nanny 1978 2:58 A short piano piece from about 1978. Written for a friend whose nickname was "Nanny". Performed with Notelist synthesizer.
Prelude 1977 1:12 A short piano piece from about 1977.  Performed with Notelist synthesizer.

And one more just for fun: a Prelude and Fugue in baroque style, written for a class in counterpoint.

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